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SEO at the stage of website development

SEO at the stage of website development — is a complex of works on site optimization, aimed at fully preparing a new resource for launch. As part of the service, we perform all the necessary work about collecting the semantic core and creating correct website structure in terms of user demand based on the semantic core. Also we give a specification to implement searching engine optimization recommendations.

SEO at the stage of website development will let you to install the necessary functionality and implement most of the recommendations even before the site relise, so you prevent global site rewriting in the future.

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Why do you need SEO at the stage of website development?

Get the result
immediately after starting the project

Prepare a resource
for promotion
in search engines

Not to lose
old web site groundwork

Develop a website
according to a requirements
of search engines

Not to rewrite whole site
after starting SEO

Save time and money
on functional improvements

SEO at the stage of website development will solve tasks

Semantics on site

Collect relevant
queries of the site subject and
disribute the landing

Correct site

Create site structure
based on
user demand
for maximum coverage
of the target audience

Ready business

We will release the ready-made business solution right away, without the need
to rewrite the site after
the release


Create a specification to implement
mosi importand
search engine

Stages of work

I Stage

Collecting of semantic core

  • selection of relevant queries to the site pages;
  • collection of search tips and similar queries;
  • collecting data from keyword services;
  • clustering keywords across landing pages.
II Stage

Formation of the site structure

  • analysis of the structure of competitors' sites;
  • demand analysis based on semantic core;
  • making recommendations on the formation of a site structure;
  • site structure visualization with mind map.
III Stage

Recommendations for internal optimization

  • formation of robots.txt file;
  • principle of forming friendly url addresses;
  • pagination pages optimization;
  • recommendations on the formation of xml site map;
  • setting server response codes;
  • tagging (Title, Description, H1) for all pages of the site;
  • organization of proper page heading structure;
  • image optimization for search engines;
  • semantic markup of site elements;
  • usage hreflang tag to specify language versions;
  • Google my business guidelines;
  • usang of rel = "canonical" tag;
  • mobile site version optimization;
  • site indexation restriction;
  • recommendations to speed up the site;
  • optimization of outgoing links from the site;
  • setting up basic redirects;
  • usage of JavaScript and Flash;
  • general guidelines.
IV Stage

Writing recommendations for content writing,
example of specification for a copywriter.

V Stage

Answering to questions on the report on work performed.

VI Stage

Checking of implement changes.

How do we work


Collection of relevant requests and distribution of landing pages


Building a site structure based on the semantic core


Writing technical specifications for site optimization


Submission and approval of work performed


Implementation of the structure and technical amendments by the customer


Verification of the implementation of all recommendations by our specialist

Cost of SEO at the stage of website development

The cost of the service is calculated individually and depends on a number of factors.:

  • site theme;
  • current number of errors;
  • the need for fundamental changes in the structure;
  • number of pages;
  • additional customer requirements.
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