How to increase organic traffic by 701% within a year. Case for a website that sells cars from the USA

Service:comprehensive promotion


Promotion region: UA

Date: from 10.07.2019 till 01.10.2020


Car sales from the USA


Lubeavto car dealer is one of the leaders in the car market in the US and Canada. The company is accredited at Copart, Iaai, Impact auctions. All transactions are transparent, certification is carried out. The company works on a turnkey basis: each buyer receives a customs-cleared car ready for operation. If the client does not want to wait for delivery from the USA, Lubeavto has a large range of vehicles that are located in Ukraine.


The client asked us to promote his website. Our main task was to increase organic traffic to the website and, as a result, increase its client base. Which should have resulted in more leads and calls from the website. Before sending a commercial offer, we conducted an express audit of the site for all major errors. Even a quick SEO check allows the client to understand the critical points, growth points and opportunities. It also allows the future project team to draw up a list of strategic tasks and prepare a detailed work plan.

We have prepared such a report for Lubeavto as well. Therefore, once the project went live, the team already knew the main points of growth for the project:

  1. No Russian version of the website.
  2. Lack of landing pages for car brands.
  3. The third level of nesting of the main traffic generating pages.
  4. Outdated design.


  1. We worked with the semantic core and structure. We have assembled a semantic core for all of the main pages of the site (and we also did this for the Russian version, which did not exist at the start of cooperation);We analyzed the demand in the niche and the current position of the site using the Serpstat SEO tool. This analysis helped shape recommendations for expanding the structure.
  2. We implemented a dropdown menu with car brands, which reduced the level of nesting of these pages.
  3. We worked with internal optimization.
  4. We have created a Russian version of the site.
  5. We also:
  • fixed technical errors;
  • added meta tags;
  • changed website design;
  • set up web analytics.

In the first month of work, we analyzed the current link mass (this is an important moment when the client comes from other SEO contractors, as in this case). We did not find any particular problems, but nevertheless, all low-quality and unnatural links were removed from the exchanges, and what could not be removed was rejected through the Disavow Links tool.

At the moment, we managed to place a few links, as the project team was focused on fixing technical errors, working on design and creating a Russian version of the website. Accordingly, most of the budget was directed precisely to this.

For this project, we used Outreach + crowd marketing. We have placed 9 Outreach and 80 crowd links since the beginning of the work.


During the work on the project (since July 2019), we have implemented most of the necessary changes that contribute to a significant increase in organic traffic. And only in April 2020 they gave results. Many tasks required a deep solution and a large amount of time for their implementation, and therefore, for the response of search engines.

Our achievements:

  • increased the amount of organic traffic;
  • brought many high-frequency queries to the TOP of Google;
  • expanded the structure, namely, created pages of car brands, allowed the site to rank well;
  • increased the number of keywords for the domain

As a result of the optimization work performed, traffic from search engines was increased by 7 times: from 2,941 to 20,634 sessions. NDA policy does not allow us to publish the achieved results in the growth of applications from the site, however, we can say for sure that they have not reach the limit. The potential of the client’s website is very large, there are enough points for growth, which the project team continues to work on.

Project team

 Evhenyi Kravchuk
Evhenyi Kravchuk
Team Lead SEO IM
Vadim Badiuk
Vadim Badiuk
Middle SEO PM
Serhei Slibezun
Serhei Slibezun
Junior SEO IM

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