Win-Win-Win: How does the affiliate program work at Inweb: how does the Inweb agency start partnerships?

How do we save our clients time, nerves and money? If a client contacts us for an audit, site optimization, launch of an advertising campaign or analytics, but at the same time he has a list of other tasks, then we offer to select a trusted contractor from among our reliable partners. In other words, we are solving the problem of monitoring the service market, initial phone calls, and polling acquaintances.

I wrote the article for potential clients of the agency, and also for potential partners. And I want to say to both: it’s good with us!

Here’s how it works:


For 10 years of work in the market, we have established a wide partner network — today it includes more than 200 companies — and we called it «Inweb Partners Family».

Inweb Partners Family is a community of specialists from different fields, cities and countries for a comprehensive solution of business problems. Here you can find performers for any direction: from the development of marketing strategies to the implementation of CRM, from the design of a template service website to the creation of a multi-page online store. These are not just companies operating in the market, these are those whom we trust and our cooperation is legally regulated.

The scheme also works in the opposite direction: any of the Inweb Partners Family companies can submit a project for online promotion to the Inweb agency.

If you are not yet our client, but you have a request, we transfer your application to the Inweb Partners Family community, where specialists will respond to it.

How does the affiliate program work?

Quite often, our clients have no idea what advertising or promotion is. Sometimes they have an idea, but only a superficial one. Communication begins with the main request:

«I want to make money online». But during the discussion of the project with our managers, it turns out that:

  • The website is not ready for promotion. Then we recommend replacing it completely. Inweb does not take on new projects to create sites, but suggests who can make a site for the customer’s tasks. We will select a contractor, taking into account the tasks, your budget, and urgency. We will also tell you about services that will help save on future promotion of the resource on the Internet.
  • The client’s website requires minor improvements so that we, as «promoters» in the future, can take this site to work. We also turn to partners, but not to develop a new site, but to refine the current one. For our part, we offer the client to do a free seo-audit in order to determine the list of missing elements on the site that are necessary for future promotion.
  • The website does not exist and never has. In this case, the sales department is the first to discuss seo with the future client at the development stage. After the site is developed taking into account all the recommendations, it will be as ready as possible for subsequent promotion.Application, which is transferred to a partner in the development of a new site, contains information that we will sell the seo service to the client at the development stage. And the partner, for its part, discusses the same service with him in order to implement all the necessary recommendations from Inweb during the development process. I can say from experience that when SEO is introduced at the site development stage, it is easier and more profitable for the client to work later. And the partner is relieved of a number of complex tasks of independently thinking out the correct structure of the site in the production process.

It is important to note that we give the client’s contacts to our partners only after his consent to communicate. No spam, no pushing, no awkwardness.

The client receives contractors for his tasks, the partner receives a new client, and we are sure that the project is in good hands. Win-win-win.

Rating of partners

We have a rating of partners, where you can choose a performer by viewing information about him.

This is a special page for clients, which allows you to conveniently choose the right partner for your tasks. A partner can record a video presentation of their services and place them on the ratings page.

This rating is intended for those cases when the client refused to transfer his contact details for communication with a partner, wants to decide on his own who to choose. There is also a block on the rating page, which indicates that if for some reason a suitable partner from the rating is not found, the client can again contact Inweb, and we will provide him with a wider choice.

Contacts of a customer ready for cooperation are transferred exclusively individually with input data on his tasks.

Why bother with a partner?

We hear this question often. Let’s be honest: by attracting partners, we achieve several goals at the same time:

  1. Solve the client’s business problem.
  2. Provide work to a partner.
  3. Speed up cooperation with us if the client’s site is not yet ready for promotion.
  4. Get clients from grateful partners.
  5. Develop the agency, strengthen our brand.

At the same time, we are directly interested in helping the client professionally and efficiently, because in the end we will promote this website. There are cases when on one project we work in collaboration with two or even more partners. And this approach in the best way solves the business problems of the client.

And then the information will be of interest only to partners. Clients have already been delighted and calmed down: their project will definitely be in good hands.

Information partnership is no less valuable

Thanks to the affiliate program, we are developing the Inweb brand. How exactly? The companies with which we cooperate indicate our logo on their websites in the «our partners» block. They usually place logos and a brief description of the companies with which the brand interacts or recommends as good specialists.

Recently, Inweb acted as the organizer of the event for the first time. We not only placed the logos of our partners on the conference landing page, but also talked about them in between reports.

This is the information partnership — the establishment of partnerships, bilateral relations with B2B / B2C companies.

What can we offer our info-partner?

  • e-mail-sending to 2800 addresses, a small but lively database. The Open Rate of such a base is about 25%. The target audience of the newsletter is business (40%) and digital specialists (60%);
  • announcement of the event in instagram stories;.
  • guest posting on our social media accounts.

How we start partnerships at Inweb: where do we find partners, what criteria suits us

We are looking for partners on our own. When a certain type of service is interesting or relevant to us and there is a demand for it, then we are looking for professionals in this field. Sometimes it happens that we are simply interested in some site and the specifics of the team’s work.

We are also looking for partners in social networks. This is where LinkedIn and Facebook help us. On these sites it is easy to find any companies/agencies of various fields.

In addition, online and offline conferences are held in different cities, where the target audience has already been gathered. This is a great place for networking.

For whom is this type of cooperation suitable?

  • for our clients who want to receive passive income in addition to the main sales of their company;
  • for web studios, design studios and advertising agencies who want to expand their range of services, reduce the cost of services, or simply want to increase the average check of their client through additional sales;
  • freelancers.

Criteria that are important for Inweb when choosing a partner

  1. The presence of a website, reviews, portfolio — the client studies everything before deciding whether he wants to cooperate.
  2. Experience — that goes without saying, isn’t it?
  3. Number of employees — we want to be sure that work with our client does not get stuck.
  4. We also want our partners to match our spirit.
  5. And do not have competing services (although this is not always important).
  6. Experience in implementing the recommendations of seo-audits is important.
  7. And it is preferable to have a sales / marketing department.

Why it’s great to be an Inweb partner

We are interested in strong cooperation, so we are not engaged in poaching clients of our partners. We fix the cost of our work in national currency, which allows you to attract more customers for service, and as a result, you get more profit.

Our current and potential clients are regularly interested in such services as website development, smm, e-mail marketing, video / animation production, YouTube channel promotion, chat bot creation, CRM setup, etc. These services are successfully implemented by our partners. For example If a client contacts us for contextual or targeted advertising, most often he comes with some experience in social networks, and sometimes even without them. In this case, we determine the state of current social networks, see if work on content is needed, etc. The application is submitted to partners who are engaged in SMM.

There are situations when the list of services expands already in the process of working with a client. For example, a situation arises when a client’s programmer is loaded with current work and is not ready to cope with the tasks that we set for him in terms of seo or context, for the implementation of technical tasks. Or the client wants to simultaneously change the platform, integrate with CRM, etc. In such cases, the project PM discusses in detail what exactly is required from Inweb partners. Sometimes the client asks him to choose which of the partners to communicate with. Selection for each client is made individually.

Why is it beneficial:

  1. If you provide several services at once, the average check of the client increases..
  2. You don’t need to dedicate an entire team of specialists to the services that Inweb provides, and for your own clients, you too can guarantee top-notch SEO, PPC, and analytics services.
  3. You will increase the number of completed projects.
  4. You will increase the loyalty of your client, as you can help them solve the problem of finding a contractor if for some reason you cannot hire them.
  5. You receive 10% every month from the client’s payments for the partner (transferred to us) project for 12 months, if the client has not terminated the contract earlier. As well as 5% of the payment for additional services that we sell to the client in the process of working with him.

How to become an Inweb partner

Watch the presentation and write to Head of Partnership department Vadim Usatenko.