SEO for a medical clinic website: how to increase the number of visits by more than 6 times

Service: complex website promotion.

Subject: plastic surgery clinic in Poltava.

Promotion region: Ukraine.

Working period: from January 2017 to March 2020.

The medical center «Clinic of plastic cosmetology surgery»is located in the city of Poltava. The main activity of the clinic is performing surgical operations to solve aesthetic problems.

The convenient location of the clinic and the high level of qualification of surgeons make patients from all nearby large cities of Ukraine seek help from this medical center.

The client contacted us for website promotion in 2017.


  • at the time of applying to Inweb, the attendance of the organic resource was about 4,000 users per month;
  • priority procedures of the medical center are rhinoplasty and breast plastic surgery.

What is required: it was important to increase the number of hits from the site for these services.


Jan 1 2013-sep 28 2020

Promotion of a medical website has its own peculiarity. Conventionally, it can be divided into several stages – fixing basic optimization errors and finalizing the site according to the requirements of the YMYL algorithm.

YMYL (short for «Your Money Your Life») is the name of one of the updates to the Google search engine algorithm. YMYL sites include all online medical resources, information sites that in one way or another can have an impact on human health, finances and safety.

What have we done

Basic optimization

Basic site optimization consisted of the implementation of standard optimization tasks:

  1. Removed junk pages.
  2. Displayed the heading h1 on the technical pages.
  3. Implemented a template for generating meta tags for pagination pages.
  4. Optimized meta tags (title, description) for technical pages.
  5. Conducted QA testing of the site for mobility, cross-browser compatibility and functionality of the site, fixed the errors found.
  6. To increase CTR snippets, we introduced markup on the site (Article, QAPage, BreadcrumbList, Review, etc.).
  7. We optimized existing language versions (Russian, Ukrainian, English), fixed a bug with an incorrect link in the alternate tag:

<link hreflang=”en-UA” rel=”alternate” href=””>

<link hreflang=”en-UA” rel=”alternate” href=””>

<link hreflang=”uk-UA” rel=”alternate” href=””>

Features of promotion of the website of medical services

When working with a medical website, it should be taken into account that the user’s search queries are primarily aimed at solving his aesthetic or medical problem. But, to solve the same problem of the patient, there are a huge number of solutions. For example, you can remove a mole:

  • laser;
  • surgically;
  • nitrogen;
  • do it yourself 🙈;
  • not in the most humane «folk ways».

When preparing the optimization of the pages of the services of a medical institution, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the methods by which the clinic offers to solve the problem and «pain» of its patient.

When collecting the semantic core, we have always focused on the ability to expand the structure of the site by creating additional landing pages. This issue was carefully discussed with the client, since only a practicing physician of the clinic can help to understand the number of surgical methods for performing operations.

Therefore, due to close cooperation with the client, we managed to increase the number of pages of the site’s services several times. For example, the pages of the section «Removal of neoplasms» were created and designed completely from scratch, the structure of the section «Nose plastic surgery» was expanded.


YMYL: impact, action and active traffic growth

The update of Google YMYL algorithms since August 1, 2018 has affected the traffic and positions of the site. Thanks to the work of SEO specialists and the prompt implementation of tasks by the client, we managed not only to return the site’s performance before the update, but also to increase them.

Jul 15 2018 - dec 31 2018

In order to meet the site requirements for EAT pages of the YMYL algorithm, the Google Assessor Guide and increase the authority of the resource, we did the following:

  1. Created page TERMS OF USE OF THE SITE
  2. We created a separate page, displayed a link in the footer of the site to the LICENSE OF THE MOH OF UKRAINE.
  3. Added the authorship of the clinic to the articles published on the site.
  4. Added a block with payment methods to the «Prices» page.