Contextual advertising for an online store of household goods: an increase in the number of transactions by 1100%. PPC case for a site on Horoshop

Service: contextual advertising


Promotion region: UA

Date: from March 6, 2020 to date


Our client is an online store selling a variety of household goods. It is the official representative of the Kayoom brand in Ukraine. The main categories of goods are decor, carpets and pouffes. Works on the Horosop platform. Focused on the retail buyer, as well as small wholesale and dropshipping. There is an offline store in Odessa.


The client came to us with a new website, which started working only in December 2019. There were practically no sales from the site and accumulated statistics on conversions: contextual advertising had not been launched before, and other channels gave only 4-6 orders per month.


The goals that were set by the client for the team:

  • increase in the number of sales;
  • attraction of new clients;
  • increasing brand awareness of Kayoom.


 Promotion strategy

Based on the initial information from the client and the agency experience, we decided to use three types of campaigns in promoting through Google Ads:

  • in the search for goods by category carpets, pouffes, decor;
  • by brand requests;
  • shopping campaigns on Google Shopping.

Shopping campaigns

Immediately after the start of work, we asked the client for access to the site in order to generate the feed needed to launch shopping campaigns. At this stage, it turned out that the client’s site was connected to the basic Horosopa Basic plan, which does not allow generating feeds for the marketplace. The client quickly responded to our request and switched to the next Standard tariff. Everything was ready and we started normal shopping campaigns as there were no conversions on the account. 

Search campaigns

With search campaigns, work began according to the standard scheme: we collected the semantic core, worked out the USP in our ads, and launched search campaigns. Expanded geotargeting.

During the first reporting period, we received four transactions, primary statistics, including conversion information, which allowed us to include smart trading companies.

Since the cost of goods in different categories is very different, we also divided the campaigns into categories: carpets, pouffes and other (decor, tables and mirrors). We expected a good result, were ready for a mediocre one, and got 10 days without transactions. This forced us to make changes in the advertising account.

Disable all search campaigns. We left only requests for the client’s brand and Arte Espina carpets.

 We launched dynamic search ads on the remarketing feed, but did not get the desired effect, because there were few impressions.

Disabled standard shopping campaigns, due to this we reallocated the budget and increased the share of new smart shopping campaigns for all product categories. 

Launching smart advertising campaigns and opting out of ads on search worked – traffic, conversion and number of transactions increased.


  1. Contextual advertising launch results.
  2. Growth of paid traffic on the site.
  3. Growth in revenue by increasing the number of transactions by 1100%
  4. Growth of brand traffic and brand awareness of the client as a whole.

Project team

Aleksei Mamontov
Aleksei Mamontov
Head of PPC
Natalia Zhykhareva
Natalia Zhykhareva
Team Lead PPC IM
Bohdan Dudnyk
Bohdan Dudnyk
Junior PPC PM

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