How to improve organic traffic by 7.5 times? SEO case for a service center

Service: comprehensive promotion


Promotion region: Ukraine


«Smart Service» has been providing electronics repair services in Odessa for more than twelve years.


Key benefits of Smart Service:

  • own warehouse of original components and accessories from the manufacturer, which allows you to quickly replace any element in the device;
  • work of a specialist at the client’s home (especially important during quarantine times);
  • high-precision repair equipment.


Inweb was asked to improve the site’s current position in priority services and increase the number of applications for electronics repair.


What did we do to get the result

  1. — Сollected semantics for all pages of the website using Serpstat.
  2. — Built semantic core for the information pages.
  3. — Wrote meta tags for all administrative, commercial and informational materials, taking into account semantics and keywords. – Added unicode characters to increase the CTR of snippets.
  4. — Created and optimized pages that bring traffic to the site.
  5. — During the quarantine, we created a completely new group of pages for the service of calling repairman at home.
  6. — Implemented the following markups:
  • BreadcrumbList.
  • LocalBusiness.
  • Article.
  1. — New 404 page design. Before preparing an offer for site optimization for Smart Service, we conducted a SEO audit to find errors and inaccuracies. The 404 error page turned out to be incomprehensible to us – its design was misleading.We decided to change the design. The designer drew the page, we received approval from the client, and then the programmer implemented it.
  2. — We moved the website to a secure protocol. In the process of moving to HTTPS, the domain was changed from to What does it mean? That means that we immediately registered redirects to a new domain containing an SSL certificate. The move was successful, we did not notice any downfalls in traffic.
  3. — Implemented design changes to make it easy for the user to search and find information (implemented a drop-down menu with separate icons for each service, rolled out a block with reviews and prices on the service pages).
  4. — Closed from indexing or redirected a large number of duplicate pages.
  5. — Crowd marketing and Outreach were actively used in external optimization.


The results we have achieved:

  1. — Traffic growth.
  2. Over the entire period of work, we have increased traffic to the client’s website from 2,294 sessions per month to 16,365. In other words, 7.5 times.

  3. — Growth of site positions in priority services.
  4. Apple repair services were very important for the client, as they are in great demand and bring a significant part of the service center’s revenue.
    Thanks to our joint work, we were able to complete this task and bring almost all priority requests into the top 5.

  5. — Dynamics of changes in the number of keywords in the Serpstat database. The sharp jump in the number of keywords in October 2019 is an update of the keyword database in the Serpstat service. If we compare with Google Analytics data, the situation is identical.


To improve your website’s organic traffic by 7.5 times, you need to:

  • establish collaboration with the client and prove him that you are an expert;
  • prepare an informative SEO audit, which will become a work plan at the beginning of cooperation;
  • analyze competitors and prioritize tasks;
  • make the website as convenient as possible for users and search engine robots.

Project team

 Evhenyi Kravchuk
Evhenyi Kravchuk
Team Lead SEO IM
Serhei Slibezun
Serhei Slibezun
Junior SEO IM
Maksym Hryhorev
Maksym Hryhorev
Middle SEO PM

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