SEO case for an online store on Horoshop: how to increase traffic and online purchases by 4 times

Service: comprehensive promotion

Promotion region: UA

Date: from march 2017 till december 2017 and since june 2018 till november 2018.


Our client owns an online home goods store. It Represents a wide range of household goods, utensils, small household appliances. Client Provides delivery throughout Ukraine, offers the possibility of self-delivery in Kyiv. Ordering goods can be done through the shopping cart on the website or by calling.


At the time of the start of work, the website was in the process of moving to a new platform — Horosop. There were several reasons for the move: the obsolescence of the old site, design, unstable operation and optimization (only category pages and brands were open for indexing. Loss of traffic due to new search engine filters, spamming links, not always high-quality content, and others).


After the work started, we began to prepare for moving to a new platform.


  • closing from indexing junk pages. Since the site is very large, there were tens of thousands of such garbage pages;
  • filter optimization. Another massive task was to expand the structure of the current directory by optimizing the filter pages;
  • content writing. As part of the work on SEO-optimization of the website, we monthly wrote and posted content on priority product categories. Priorities were set together with the client, taking in consideration business goals;
  • working with link mass. In the Inweb agency, we have a Link Building department, which deals with the placement of high-quality crowd links, as well as the publication of advertising materials on popular sites (Outreach).


On August 3, 2017, we successfully migrated the site to the Horosop platform. We will measure the results starting from this date, since until this moment, work was carried out related to the transfer and preparation of the new site, which could not affect the ranking of the old site in any way. But it was necessary to carry out basic optimization of the new website in order not to lose traffic after the transfer.

  • Organic traffic
  1. Before moving to another CMS system, the site collected 9,600 sessions per month. In the very first months after the move, traffic began to grow smoothly, at 10-15% per month.
  2. After a year of such dynamics, traffic has already reached 40,000 sessions per month.
  3. The traffic to the created filter pages grew in parallel with the traffic to the main pages of categories, articles and brands, and began to bring about 6000 sessions per month.
  4. The traffic to these pages is very conversion-oriented: during the cooperation, it brought 3,000 transactions worth millions of hryvnias. The transaction rate for organic traffic was 3.73%, while the overall transaction rate was 1.57%.
  5. Created filter pages for small clusters of requests convert traffic into sales 2 times better.
  • E-commerce data
  1. Income from organic traffic before moving to Horoshop was 141,000 UAH for 141 transactions. The transaction ratio was 1%, and the average check was UAH 1006.
  2. Income increased in proportion to the growth of organic traffic.

Project team

 Evhenyi Kravchuk
Evhenyi Kravchuk
Team Lead SEO IM
Igor Genov
Igor Genov
Team Lead SEO IM
Julyia Hracheva
Julyia Hracheva
Middle SEO PM

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