Income growth of 300% in six months in a competitive niche. PPC case for Chudo Ostrov toy store chain

Service:contextual advertising


Promotion region: UA

Date: since December 1, 2020


Chudo Ostrov is a chain of children’s stores throughout Ukraine. The first store opened in 2011 in Kharkiv, since then another 37 centers have started their work, and today Chudo Ostrov is already open in 28 cities.


A new site came to work with incorrectly configured analytics and no historical ecommerce data. The client set the task as clearly as possible – it is necessary to launch and disperse contextual advertising, increase traffic to the site and increase the total sales revenue from the online store.


  1. Goals and objectives of promotion.
  2. Increasing traffic to the site — attracting the target audience.
  3. 50% increase in daily orders.
  4. 150% increase in total website revenue.


In order to complete the task, we:

  • set up Google Analytics with high quality and connected the ecommerce counter;
  • connected the Microsoft Clarity service and carefully analyzed user behavior on the site. Such an analysis helped to find out why some buyers left the site without buying a product;
  • connected shopping advertising campaigns and search ads for product brands. Launched Smart campaigns and dynamic remarketing;
  • helped the client deal with the goods in stock and correctly display this information on the site so as not to mislead buyers.


The growth in the number of users from Google paid advertising from January to August 2021 was 166%.

PPC revenue grew by 146.34% and transactions increased by 59.65% from January to August 2021.

Project team

Aleksei Mamontov
Aleksei Mamontov
Head of PPC
Dmytryi Dudetskyi
Dmytryi Dudetskyi
Middle PPC IM
Yuryi Trachuk
Yuryi Trachuk
Middle PPC PM

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