How to reduce the cost of conversion by 6 times in 4 months. PPC case for a logistics company in the USA

Service: contextual and targeted advertising
Subject: full cycle independent dispatching service
Promotion region: USA
Promotion Period: 12.06.2021 to present

This case study will be useful to anyone who is engaged in logistics, and sells services to a wide audience. We will talk about how to choose the right tools for promotion in a difficult niche and achieve quality, relevant applications with a significant reduction in the cost of conversion.

Let’s show the results right away, we analyzed conversions and traffic:

We analyzed conversions and traffic

Business features

In the United States, large trucking companies have an advantage over small carriers because of the huge staff resources, technology, and investment. Our client decided to create a company capable of providing affordable dispatching services. provides a full range of services for finding the optimal freight rate, support, paperwork and back office services, security and accounting for owners, operators, and small transport companies. has created its own CRM accounting system with free client access.

Facts about the company: on the market for 6 years, 40+ specialists, 3 offices in the USA and Europe.

300+ trucks that are serviced daily, more than 400 satisfied customers who can recommend the company.

Client’s tasks
Previously, the client worked with other professionals who provided targeted advertising services and social media marketing. The client started looking for new specialists, because the former had low results and high budget costs. He was faced with the fact that many applications and leads were not relevant. The client asked us to create new accounts for promotion and set us the following tasks:

  1. Increasing the number of relevant applications, lead quality, reducing the cost of conversion from 30-45. Specific KPIs were not discussed, we decided to rely on lower conversion costs and increased lead quality. We can continue to work in the presence of positive dynamics.
  2. Transparent reporting. It was important for the client to understand what he was spending his advertising budget on, and to build effective communication with our team.
  3. Full involvement in his project. The client wanted us to work with him in the same way that he works with his clients, full service and comfort.

By the way! works with Inweb on the SEO of its website. We always advise our clients comprehensive promotion. High-quality SEO helps reduce the cost of contextual and targeted advertising through the flow of organic traffic.

Promotion strategy

We analyzed the client’s competitors, its target audience and identified the strengths and weaknesses of the project to quickly find growth points and achieve results. See what we got.

The strengths and weaknesses of the project

Action plan:

  1. Collect and work out the semantic core in English, in such a rather difficult niche as freight.
  2. Create and run the following types of campaigns: Search, Dynamic search, Discovery.
  3. Collect and work on Facebook customer base. Create on lists of look-alike audiences (Similar to the database). Analyze and optimize work.
  4. Create campaigns with detailed audience targeting. See how it works, analyze.
  5. Launch a campaign to generate leads with form and clarification questions.

Google Ads Promotion

Google Ads. New Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts. We worked on the preparation of semantics, clustering of keywords by campaigns and ad groups, wrote headings and descriptions for ads on the main service Dispatch.

Launched a search campaign with further connection of other tools, look at the results and exclude unprofitable regions. Launched advertising in 7 states. A week later, it was discovered that it was not so profitable to advertise in New York and Pennsylvania. Conversions were expensive. The two states were separated into a different campaign with a reduced rate. After a while, they realized that such a strategy was also unprofitable and excluded the two states from advertising.

Launched DSA (Dynamic Search Ads). DSA is doing well, bringing low-cost but high-quality conversions.

Launched Discovery campaigns (for a special audience) with conversion keywords. This campaign is working at the moment, we are constantly optimizing it, it brings good results.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

For Facebook, we selected the following audiences:

A wide audience, from 25-50 years old, the type of campaigns is Lead Generation

We have prepared ad creatives:

Примеры креативов

Пример креатива

Audience targeting. We advertised for the following groups of people:

  • business owners;
  • work in the industry «Transportation and relocation»;
  • interest in «Dispatcher»;
  • cargo transportation.


Ads were shown to people who were on the site but did not leave a request, or viewed the contact page and did not call / did not fill out the form.

Look-alike on a clients list basis.

According to the results, the created audience «similar to the client list» 1% worked out best. This ad group received a large percentage of quality leads.

Tested different percentages of similar users – 3-4% – in the same way, did not work out at all.

Tested such type of campaigns as Conversions on the site and Messages in Direct to the audience of similar clients, Lead generation works best of them all.

Promotion Results

For almost 4 months to March 2022, we have achieved an increase in traffic up to 1721 users from Google Ads and 175 from Facebook.

We have achieved an increase in traffic up to 1721 users from Google Ads and 175 from Facebook

The traffic level was low before the start of works, 878 users were recorded for the period from July 1st to December 5th.

From July 1st to December 5th

Our team was unable to use the previous analytics data. The goals were not set, and the statistics were incorrect. Now we managed to increase the amount of traffic to 2836 users from December 6 to March 23.

From December 6 to March 23

The increase in conversions ranged from 0 to 175.

All results were placed in the table:

All results were placed in the table

These results have been achieved through:

  1. Choosing the right tools for Google Ads and Facebook advertising campaigns
  2. Analyzing campaigns’ effectiveness
  3. Testing target audiences for advertising campaigns.

Specialist’s comment

«I am satisfied with our cooperation. I like our systematic approach to work. The client is happy that we do not let him forget about the tasks, and he is sure that we will always remind him if necessary. Therefore, there is growth in this project. The result of the work will always be excellent if there is effective communication and understanding.

To work productively, we have connected a native (English-speaking specialist) to the processing and segmentation of search queries. We have developed custom audience lists for Discovery campaigns. We set up the process in such a way that everyone feels comfortable.»

We asked the client to give feedback on our work

«I can safely recommend Inweb agency. Satisfied with cooperation and format of work.

From the very beginning, I wanted to increase the number of people who come to me for business, those who really need my services. This task is covered.

It was possible to expand the customer base and increase activity over the entire period of work.

Special thanks to the team for their involvement in the project, I am glad to cooperate with an agency from Ukraine!»

Project team

Marharyta Zviahyntseva
Marharyta Zviahyntseva
Upper Junior PPC PM
Vladymyr Prykhodko
Vladymyr Prykhodko
Upper Junior PPC IM

For almost 4 months of work, we achieved a threefold increase in traffic and conversions from the site from 0 to 175. We were able to reduce the cost of an application from the site by 6 times. And also significantly improve the quality of applications. We filtered out random users. The customer is happy and so are we. Ready to work on your project.