Face ID for Business: Interesting Uses for Face Recognition Technology

Many people associate the facial recognition system primarily with the security sector and banks. In fact, the list of industries where this technology can be applied is much wider, and the possibilities are more interesting. The editors of Inweb talked with experts from Evergreens.com.ua, who told where and how Face ID is used.

Technically, biometric face recognition systems work on the principle of building and comparing mathematical models of the face: where we see a whole image, the system sees a data set and a digital fingerprint unique for each person. Based on the analysis and comparison of these data, it is possible to identify and verify a person with a high degree. Let’s try to figure out what other businesses can use this technology.

Offline retail and recognition technologie

Face ID allows you to recognize your visitor “by sight”. This helps to detect shoplifters, control unwanted customers and reduce losses by preventing potentially dangerous situations. Facial recognition systems are compatible with those already installed and allow complex management of a shopping center, for example, combining customer information with data from CCTV cameras or parking lot counting systems.

Facial recognition and other computer vision technologies are also helping to create “shops of the future” without checkouts and queues, as implemented in the Amazon Go network.

Facial recognition and marketing

Recognition systems will help you collect layers of valuable marketing information: visit analytics, counting unique visitors, recognizing regular customers, tracking a visitor’s route in a store, building a customer profile, fixing a list of his purchases and favorite products. A striking example of the use of such a solution is the Rajalla På Gränsen shopping center in Tornio, Finland, where a customer counting system with face recognition was installed for the first time in the country. It allows you to find out the number of people who definitely made a purchase, sales conversion and, in general, increase the store’s profit by 20-30%.

Brands are focusing on personalizing the customer experience and increasing audience loyalty in every imaginable and unthinkable way. By extracting insights from such analytics, you can build relationships with customers in a very flexible way. This is a personal greeting at the entrance to the store (bank, hotel, restaurant, sports club, your option), and individual loyalty programs, and more targeted marketing campaigns.

Face ID for Business: Interesting Uses for Face Recognition Technology

Many facial recognition algorithms can determine gender, age, ethnicity – this is how marketers get the opportunity to form a portrait of the target person. One of the growing trends is interactive advertising. Special billboards or monitors are equipped with sensors and cameras and are configured to interact with people, can track their response and allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in real time.

At the same time, the goals can be completely different: from simply luring customers to the trading floor to collecting donations or drawing attention to social projects.

Helping the HR department

Face geometry recognition is used for biometric time tracking: the system takes a photo of an employee, recognizes him, and automatically makes an entry in the time sheet about the beginning and end of the working day. Such non-contact monitoring allows you to automate attendance control and maintain the actual schedule, view up-to-date information online, optimize the organization’s personnel costs, relieve managers from routine.

Face ID for Business: Interesting Uses for Face Recognition Technology

Facial biometrics in logistics

Face ID systems can be used to simplify the verification of drivers’ documents, control during the transportation of special goods (prescription drugs, expensive equipment), exclude third parties from the transportation process, and control access to warehouses. Face recognition will help monitor the state of the driver: how focused he is, whether he fell asleep at the wheel. Face identification can replace the keys to access the car: recognizing “its” driver, the car will automatically open the doors when he approaches.

Optimization of the work of banks, credit and insurance companies

In the work of credit, financial and insurance companies, it is important to follow the “Know Your Customer” principle: store reliable and accurate data about customers and verify their identity when making transactions. Moreover, more and more often, loans or policies are processed online.

In this case, the face recognition and comparison system by photo becomes an additional tool for anti-fraud and remote customer verification. The system compares the client’s photo with previous photos in the system (for example, with a passport in hand) to determine if they are the same person. This replaces manual checks, allows you to confirm the identity of reliable borrowers, increase their loyalty and identify fraudsters.

Another innovative way to use facial recognition is biometric ATMs, where you can withdraw cash without a card and without a PIN code. The Spanish bank CaixaBank received in 2019 an award for this project from The Banker magazine as the best in the field of financial innovation.

Face ID for Business: Interesting Uses for Face Recognition Technology

One of the top technology trends today is emotion recognition. The emphasis is on a deep understanding of the human emotional response to what is happening and a more relaxed interaction between machines and people. New creative ways to use facial recognition in tandem with emotional AI technologies are sure to surprise us all more than once, and very soon.