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Sergey Cherdintsev

Middle PPC PM
Internet marketing agency Inweb
Articles: 3
Registration date: 28.04.2020
I work as a project manager at Inweb in the contextual advertising department. Prior to that, he worked as a surveyor, checked and maintained emergency equipment on ships. Worked in Ukraine and Africa. Tired of frequent business trips, I decided to change something, a good army friend suggested that there was an open vacancy at Inweb. Successfully passed the interview. From a hobby: I like to go out of town with tents, and I have a separate calendar for fishing.
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Cases Transaction growth of 320% in a complex niche with small budgets. PPC in a nutshell [:ru]Сергей[:ua]Сергій[:en]Sergey[:] [:ru]Чердинцев[:ua]Чердiнцев [:en]Cherdintsev[:] Sergey Cherdintsev
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