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Ekaterina Gavdan

Internet marketing agency Inweb
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Registration date: 15.02.2022
I'm Katya, Sales Manager. I came to Inweb and immediately realized that I was not just in a company, but in a team where they would teach, prompt, support in difficult times. The psychological support of colleagues is very important in my profession, because every day I communicate with a huge number of people: I call, invite to personal meetings, spend them online. Constant communication is stressful. But Inweb managed to create an atmosphere of comfort, friendly relaxation, and calmness. And clients always feel it. I am glad that I can be a friend to my colleagues, and a good adviser to my clients.
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Marketing 5 steps forward. How to build a trusting relationship with a client: personal experience [:ru]Екатерина[:ua]Катерина[:en]Ekaterina[:] [:ru]Гавдан[:ua]Гавдан[:en]Gavdan[:] Ekaterina Gavdan
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