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Dmitry Dudetsky

Middle PPC IM
Internet marketing agency Inweb
Articles: 4
Registration date: 21.12.2020
I was looking for myself for a long time, but eventually I came to the world of advertising and marketing. I myself became interested in contextual advertising and felt that I wanted to work and develop in this direction. I completed specialized courses. Immediately after them, I became part of the Inweb team and never once doubted the correctness of my choice. I am currently working as a Junior PPC IM and want to move up the career ladder. Outside of work, I like to have fun with my friends.
Author's articles
PPC Applications improved by 312%. PPC case study for a photo and video shooting service in Los Angeles [:ru]Дмитрий[:ua]Дмитро[:en]Dmitry[:] [:ru]Дудецкий[:ua]Дудецький[:en]Dudetsky[:] Dmitry Dudetsky
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PPC Income growth of 300% in six months… [:ru]Дмитрий[:ua]Дмитро[:en]Dmitry[:] [:ru]Дудецкий[:ua]Дудецький[:en]Dudetsky[:] Dmitry Dudetsky
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